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6 Things to Know When Driving with a SunPass

The Florida SunPass is a prepaid toll program in the state of Florida that aims to reduce the time and cost of taking a toll road. A SunPass transponder is mounted to the interior of your windshield, which is then automatically scanned as you use a toll road. There’s no stopping to pay or scrambling…

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4 Recent I-595 Accidents & How They Could’ve Been Prevented

The National Safety Council reported that the United States is on track to reach nearly 40,000 roadway deaths for the third year in a row. Though that’s a grisly record to hold, the good news is that the number represents a leveling off of death rates which had been climbing rapidly the previous two years.…

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2018 NOAA Hurricane Predictions & What You Can Do To Prepare

The good news is that NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has predicted a near- or above-normal 2018 Atlantic hurricane season. This means a 35 percent chance of an above-normal season, a 40 percent chance of a near-normal season, and a 25 percent chance of a below-normal season for the upcoming hurricane season. With new advances in…

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Avoid Driving Drunk This New Years, Programs In FL And Alternatives

Drunk driving is a major problem in the United States, and New Year’s Eve is an especially dangerous night of the year for this destructive behavior. Taking steps to ensure your safety is important when you’re planning your evening, so let’s get into some statistics and resources you can use to stay safe this holiday…

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8 Tips To Remember When Prepping For A Hurricane

Have a plan Don’t wait until the hurricane is imminent to have a plan that you discuss with your family. Make sure you and your loved ones are on the same page for where everyone will go in case of an emergency, where important documents are located, and what critical information everyone needs to know.…

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9 Tips To Make Sure Your Child Is Safe Heading To And From School

Back to school season can be a relief for parents. With the cooler return of school comes a new set of challenges and risk that face America’s school children as they make their way to class to learn and grow. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous for kids to make their way to class. To help…

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The Dangers Of Miami Road Rage (And How To Avoid It)

Sadly, road rage is an all too common problem on America’s highways. Fast speeds, high powered cars, and tight schedules sometimes combine to create a dangerous and aggressive reaction on the roads. Miami’s heat and sunshine are great, but unfortunately we also experience our fair share of aggressive drivers. A recent case here in Miami…

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Why Texting Can Wait

Every year, around 1,300,000 people die from accidents that happen on the road. This means that each day, about 3,000 precious lives are being taken away due to split seconds of carelessness, lapses in judgment, or failure to comply to road rules. You know what else is surprising? One of the top culprits responsible for…

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Big Al’s Winter Driving Tips

As the holiday season approaches, so does the looming threat of snow. Snow, for all its fun qualities and potential for play, can be a real threat to drivers on the road. Hazardous conditions like black ice and impaired visibility due to snowfall increase the chance of injury on the road. Luckily, Attorney Big Al…

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Big Al Offers Tips To Avoid Drunk Driving

In light of recent DUI convictions, especially that of NFL player Michael Floyd, Attorney Big Al of the 1-800-HURT-123 firm expresses his concern over the scope and prevalence of drunk driving in America. He offers his tips on how to best avoid drunk driving and the best ways to stay safe on the roads. Michael…

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