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Increased Distracted Driving Deaths; What You Can Do to Help

After a summer of increased crash rates, Florida is one of many states to respond to the increased fatalities by cracking down on mobile phone usage while driving. Attorney Big Al of the 1-800-HURT-123 firm, a personal injury litigator with years of experience dealing with distracted driving cases, weighs in to offer strategies for avoiding…

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5 Ways Pokémon Go Can Be Dangerous If Used Irresponsibly

A few months ago, we saw another app that took the world by storm – one of the most addicting mobile apps that we have seen since Candy Crush. We are, of course, talking about the popular Pokémon Go. If you are not familiar with the game, it is one of the reasons why every…

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The Long Term Effects of TBI

What is traumatic brain injury? Traumatic brain injury (also known as also known as TBI or intracranial injury) happens when a person has a sudden or violent blow/jolt to the head. From there, the brain collides with the inside of the skull, which may cause brain bruising, nerve fiber tearing, and bleeding. According to TraumaticBrainInjury.com,…

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How Snapchat is Causing Accidents Across America

Distracted driving has had many distinct iterations in recent history. Before phones, people were distracted by anything and everything (and still are, of course – that hasn’t changed). Perhaps you know someone or are the type of person who tries to eat while driving, talk to a passenger, or is messing around with a paper…

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Lawmakers Taking Another Look at Stand Your Ground Law

As the news these days is full of controversy regarding the Stand Your Ground Law, Florida must either repeal its Stand Your Ground self-defense law or enact sweeping changes to avert more tragedies like the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, Democratic leaders of the state’s legislature said on Thursday. A Seminole County…

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Traveling Criminals

In recent months, law enforcement officials in central Florida have reported a sudden upsurge in “smash-and-grab” incidents at state parks, ballfields, community centers, churches, gyms and day care centers. These crimes appear to be connected to South Florida-based organized crime rings known as “Felony Lane” gangs, officials say. “South Florida is so densely populated, it’s…

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No Obamacare Says Florida Govenor

This week, the Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare; however, Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he doesn’t care. So disinterested is Scott that, according to a Fox News interview highlighted in the Tampa Bay Times, the politician announced that he will not put Obamacare into action in his state. “We’re not going to implement Obamacare in…

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Camera Fine System is Not Acceptable to South Florida Drivers

Whatever you think of South Florida red-light cameras — lifesavers or revenue generators — there’s one part of the system that’s particularly galling. If you meekly accept the ticket that’s been mailed to you, you pay $158. But if you want to fight in court, you have no choice but to gamble and risk nearly…

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Self Defense Law; Florida vs. Virginia

The death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin inspired national sympathies and vigils. The impunity of his killer, George Zimmerman, however, ignited anger and concern. At the heart of the matter is this simple question: were George Zimmerman’s actions that night legally excusable, and does Zimmerman have protection under the law for shooting Trayvon Martin? Martin’s death…

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PIP Bill Passes in Florida Senate 22-17

In a last-ditch effort, the Florida Legislature gave Gov. Rick Scott one of his top priorities of the 2012 legislative session Friday night and changed the state’s no-fault auto insurance law. The House was the first to take up the compromise bill on personal injury protection, which drivers are required to buy in Florida, and…

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