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Change in PIP Law

Changes are brewing to the state’s personal injury protection (PIP) law that could have a damaging impact on Florida hospital finances. While anti-fraud laws that have been enacted by the Florida legislature and enforced by the Florida Department of Insurance should be commended, the PIP law changes now under consideration would have serious negative consequences.…

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Florida Bikers Want Helmet Law Reinstated

Motorcyclists from around Florida rolled into Tallahassee Monday and went to work lobbying for a variety of issues, including helmet laws. Florida does not require bikers to wear helmets as long as they are 21 years of age and have insurance coverage of at least $10,000 for injuries sustained on a motorcycle. ABATE of Florida…

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Florida Policymakers United Against Year Old Health Law

One year ago today, President Obama stood in the East Room of the White House before 22 pens, alongside a boy whose uninsured mother had died of cancer. As the president prepared to use each pen to sign the landmark health care bill into law, Obama declared that America had, at long last, enshrined “the…

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Is New Florida Law Unfair?

After you do the time for the crime should you not be allowed to vote? Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, is drawing fire from critics after imposing a change to the voting rights of convicted felons. The change, which was imposed by Scott and the Florida cabinet, imposes a waiting period for when a person can…

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Teachers Merit Pay Bill to Be Law Soon?

Just heard this out of Tallahassee where the controversial teacher merit pay bill could be on its way to Gov. Rick Scott to be signed into law. The Florida House will take up final debate on the measure Wednesday before its vote. If this bill passes, teachers’ pay could be tied to their students’ performance.…

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