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Avoid Driving Drunk This New Years, Programs In FL And Alternatives

Drunk driving is a major problem in the United States, and New Year’s Eve is an especially dangerous night of the year for this destructive behavior. Taking steps to ensure your safety is important when you’re planning your evening, so let’s get into some statistics and resources you can use to stay safe this holiday…

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Big Al Offers Tips To Avoid Drunk Driving

In light of recent DUI convictions, especially that of NFL player Michael Floyd, Attorney Big Al of the 1-800-HURT-123 firm expresses his concern over the scope and prevalence of drunk driving in America. He offers his tips on how to best avoid drunk driving and the best ways to stay safe on the roads. Michael…

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Big Al Offers Safety Tips This New Year From Last Year’s Accidents

Despite the promise of optimism of a new year, 2017 is a good time to reflect on the lessons that 2016 can teach us. Attorney Big Al of the 1-800-HURT-123 firm handles thousands of accident cases each year, and with this expertise and the release of the Association For Safe International Road Travel’s newest annual…

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