Important Online Resources To Bookmark For Hurricane Season

June 8, 2021

As hurricane season draws near, preparedness should be your first line of attack. Keeping a list of resources that will help you in an emergency can save your life, keep you informed, and help you make the best decision for your family. Here are our top resources for hurricane preparedness.

Learn about Hurricanes

Getting informed about the science behind hurricanes can help kids and grownups alike feel a little less anxious. Here are a few great websites to learn about how hurricanes form.

  • is a great resource to teach children about hurricanes using simple-to-understand language and clear graphics
  • National Geographic has a whole page dedicated to hurricanes, from their formation to real-time information about active tropical storms and hurricanes.

Preparing an emergency kit

These sites offer tips, checklists, and guidelines for preparing emergency kits for your home or vehicle. Preparedness is the most important step for weather emergency planning, and these sites will make sure you include everything you need.

  • has a helpful “Build a Kit” website with some important resources and information on an easy to read checklist. The site has basic emergency requirements, maintenance tips, and storage locations that make planning a disaster-pack easy.
  • NOAA’s National Hurricane Center has an equally helpful page with additional links to further preparedness information, including a helpful risk analysis section that identifies your plan’s weak points.

Preparing your house

In advance of a storm, securing your home can reduce damages on windows, broken vehicles, and water damage. These sites give reliable information on concrete steps you can take to protect your home from the storm.

  • USA Today has a useful article on affordable ways to prepare your home for hurricanes.
  • CBS News has another useful series of tips with a more long-term, big-picture focus.
  • FEMA has a great PDF document whose 7th page deals with flood and wind preparation.

Tracking websites

If you want to keep an eye on a tropical storm, hurricane, or weather formation, here are some reputable websites that give up to date information to help you make a decision about evacuation.

Recovering from a storm

After a storm passes, you’ll need to take steps to properly dispose of debris, file insurance claims, and return your life to order in the aftermath of the weather.

  •’s recovery page offers a comprehensive overview of your next-steps after a weather event.
  • has a great recovery page that was during Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.
  • The EPA’s hurricane page has a recovery section, as well as information specific to each past hurricane to give you an idea of what recovery has looked like from past weather events.

Though we hope this hurricane season passes without incident, these tips for preparing and recovering from a hurricane should give you some peace of mind during this year’s storm season.

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