8 Tips To Remember When Prepping For A Hurricane

August 30, 2022

Have a plan

Don’t wait until the hurricane is imminent to have a plan that you discuss with your family. Make sure you and your loved ones are on the same page for where everyone will go in case of an emergency, where important documents are located, and what critical information everyone needs to know.

Don’t forget to have a plan for your pets! Many shelters do not accept animals, so you may want to send your animals on a vacation to a friend’s house in a safer area.

Know the evacuation route

Have a printed map of your evacuation route and make sure everyone in your family knows it. It might be wise to do a practice run of the route in the days leading up to a storm’s expected landfall. Storm surges can cause water to overrun roads, so knowing the directions ahead of time can cut down on some anxiety.

Create an emergency kit

Stock up on bottled water, cash, medications, batteries, food, and first aid. Plan to have enough to last you at least a few days without power. Take special care to have emergency supplies of any critical medication for you and your family members, as pharmacies may not be functional in the wake of the storm.  Make sure you have copies of all important documents in water-proof containers, because these will be important for insurance claims.

Secure your property

Especially during hurricane season, make sure that your property is as hurricane prepared as possible. Have dead limbs trimmed from trees on your property, make sure your windows and your roof are securely fastened to the frame of your house, and check that all your gutters are draining properly.  

Prepare to lose power

Before you lose power, charge up portable chargers to give power to electronic devices such as radios and cell phones. Turn your fridge and freezers on to their coldest setting to get food as cold as possible before the electricity goes out. Make sure you have plenty of ice frozen in the fridge to help keep cold foods cold, and avoid opening the doors as much as possible.

Protect your windows

Whether you have formal storm shutters or just plywood planks that you can nail to your window frames, do whatever you can to protect your home from shattered windows. Hurricanes can launch debris at your house at the speed of a moving car, so anything glass should be secured. If you don’t have planks, duct tape can be taped across windows in an x-shape to reduce shattering.

Have portable power

Consider keeping a generator and gas at your home, as power outages are extremely likely during hurricane season. Remember to keep your generator outside and protected from moisture during the rest of the year so it doesn’t become a fire hazard.

Get insured

Finally and perhaps most importantly, make sure you’re insured against floods and hurricanes. These policies, while not airtight, can help offset the cost of hurricane damage.

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