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Nobody should ever have to worry about their safety when they’re out and about. However, it’s crucial to consider the potential risks when business owners or landlords are negligent, as it can put your safety at stake. Your well-being should always be a top priority. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is crucial to address the issue promptly and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to rectify any dangers posed to you. Our security negligence lawyer is ready for your case.

Addressing particular vulnerabilities to maintain a safe and secure environment is crucial. Unmonitored areas, broken locks, malfunctioning doors and gates, insufficient lighting, and inadequate security measures can inadvertently invite criminal activities such as robberies, physical assaults, sexual assaults, rape, or other violent crimes.

Florida Negligent Security Law is an Essential Regulation

Laws regarding landowner liability for negligent or inadequate security can vary from state to state. Property owners must understand their legal obligations to provide customers and the general public with a safe environment. This includes being aware of past criminal activity and taking appropriate action to minimize future risks. Having a robust security negligence lawyer is essential for your case.

Examples of Negligent Security in Florida

The concept of “reasonable foreseeability” is often vague and unclear. However, certain expectations regarding the safety and protection of residents, guests, or visitors on a property can be considered reasonable. Property owners demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of those who occupy or visit their premises by meeting these expectations.

Business owners have a responsibility to prioritize the safety of their customers. 

Fortunately, they can implement numerous preventive measures to ensure a secure and protected environment. Whether it’s an essential and cost-effective solution or a more advanced and technologically-driven approach, the property owner is responsible for ensuring that their security measures are fully operational and capable of delivering reliable protection.

Some examples of security lapses that could lead to a negligent security claim include:

  • Poorly trained security guards.
  • Security guard misconduct.
  • Investing in surveillance cameras is essential for maintaining the security of your premises.
  • Broken locks on doors.
  • Windows that don’t lock.
  • Inadequate lighting in entryways, hallways, staircases, and parking lots can lead to numerous safety hazards.
  • Don’t let broken or missing locks compromise the security of your gates, fences, or any other barriers.
  • Overgrown landscaping.
  • Malfunctioning metal detectors.
  • Lack of or a malfunctioning alarm system.
  • Refraining from correctly searching individuals entering a venue for weapons poses a severe risk.
  • Lack of personnel at a front desk or security stand.

These issues should never be taken lightly, as they have the potential to result in preventable security breaches. Legal action can help ensure your rights are protected and justice is served. To build a solid case, it is essential to demonstrate the existence of two crucial factors. You can strengthen your argument significantly by providing compelling evidence for these elements.

To prove negligent liability, a victim must show that the following are true:

The Crime Was Foreseeable: It is essential to establish foreseeability when examining a specific crime. This means the property owner should have had prior knowledge of the criminal’s violent tendencies or their history of violence.

In the recent legal case of Vertucci v. NHP Management Co., a tenant bravely took action against her landlord after experiencing a traumatic incident. She endured a sexual assault at the apartment complex swimming pool, committed by a non-resident. This case highlights the importance of ensuring safety and security within rental properties and holding landlords accountable for maintaining a secure environment for their tenants. 

In this particular scenario, it is essential to note that the lease agreement explicitly stated that security measures were solely for protecting the landlord’s property and not for the tenants. Paying attention to this matter is crucial, as negligence could result in legal responsibility for any tenant harm. Taking proactive measures can help ensure the safety and well-being of those under your care, avoiding potential liability concerns.

There Was Causation: To establish liability on the property owner’s part, the victim must demonstrate that the crime occurred due to their negligence. However, if the landlord is aware of a broken entryway lock and fails to address it, they could be held responsible for any resulting liability. Property owners need to stay proactive in maintaining and addressing such issues.

To establish such conditions, the victim must seek assistance from a skilled security negligence lawyer. With their expertise, security negligence lawyers can effectively gather necessary evidence, thoroughly examine police reports, conduct witness interviews, and analyze crime data specific to the area.

Barzakay Security Negligence Lawyer Is Here for You

An experienced and resourceful security negligence lawyer is essential in negligent security cases. At Barzakay Law Firm, we recognize the utmost significance of this field of law. Don’t wait any longer to pursue justice—take the first step by calling us at 945-416-0755. We offer a free and no-obligation case review, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us today.

Together, we can fight for the compensation you deserve. You’ll only be charged when you successfully win, so there’s no financial risk involved. Give us a call today and seize the opportunity with nothing to lose!

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