What To Do After a Car Accident in Hollywood

Florida is known for its no-fault car insurance policy. If you reside in Hollywood, FL, you might be familiar with the local coverage laws in case of car accidents. The state binds each driver to manage their personal injury care expenses from their own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This rule applies to every local regardless of who is responsible for the accident. If you face a road accident, you can get help from a car wreck lawyer in Hollywood, FL. We have covered all you need to know about car accident scenarios in Florida below to give you an idea.

Car Accidents in Florida: What to Do?

If you are caught in a car accident in Hollywood, you can seek legal representation to get the compensation you deserve. Here is what you should do.

Call 911

The first step you need to take in the case of a car accident is to check for injuries and call 911. Once the team arrives, they can check your physical condition and evaluate if you are fit to move. When waiting for the emergency services team, you should avoid moving yourself or your car if it is safe to do so.

Remember, you will get rightful compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage if you are not at fault. Avoid sharing unnecessary information with others on the scene that could be used to make it seem like you were at fault. Everything you share may be used in favor or against you when making legal proceedings.

Exchange Insurance Information

Once the emergency services team arrives at the scene, you may exchange information with other drivers (as suggested by the police). This information may include your personal details and insurance data.

Some victims mishandle post-accident situations, which affects their compensation. With the help of a car wreck lawyer, you can take the necessary steps to ensure rightful coverage.

Take Pictures of the Damages

Another important step is taking pictures of the damages caused to your car. Take pictures from a suitable angle to ensure they can be used as evidence. Moreover, you can take pictures of your injuries for added proof. A car wreck lawyer in Hollywood will use these photos to help strengthen your case.

If you need clarification on what evidence you should collect, you may contact your attorney and ask questions about what to gather. You may also adhere to any other instructions shared by your lawyer to build your case well.

Get in Touch With a Car Wreck Lawyer From Barzakay Law Firm

The above information can help you prepare well for the post-accident steps in Hollywood, FL. If you need professional representation from a Hollywood car wreck lawyer, Barzakay Law can help you meet your goals. Our expert attorneys take every personal injury and car wreck case seriously and guide you through the process effectively. Get in touch with us today to discuss and prepare your case.

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