Back To School Means Kids In The Streets, Alon Barzakay Calls For Parents To Advise Kids On Safety If They Bike To School, Offers Tips For Parents

October 22, 2023

As kids go back to school, more children will be riding their bikes in the road and on the sidewalks. To avoid the potential for accidents, Alon Barzakay Esq. in Florida encourages parents to talk to their children about road safety when walking or biking to school.

A study in the Accident Analysis & Prevention journal found that over 2.2 million kids ended up in the emergency room for bike-related injuries from 20016 to 2015, which amounts to around 600 accidents a day. Nearly half of those injuries were kids between the ages of 10 and 16, and three-quarters of the injured were boys. The most common sites of accidents were in the street or playing at home, and the most common types of injuries were on the upper extremities, such as cuts, fractures, and traumatic brain injuries.

Mr. Barzakay commented, “The important thing for kids riding bikes to school is that they wear appropriate protective gear. A helmet can save your child’s life, so don’t let them leave home on a bike without them. A good helmet paired with a working knowledge of road safety basics will keep your kids safe on the road.”

The firm suggests that kids be involved in choosing a properly fitting helmet that they like because they will be far more likely to wear it if they like the design and color. Choose a safe route for your kids to take to school, prioritizing a path with the fewest possible number of street crossings and routes that avoid busy, multi-lane roads. Have a conversation with your children about biking near roads, and remind them that they need to yield to pedestrians whenever possible and always check both ways. Finally, warn your kids about strangers, loose dogs, vacant buildings and poorly lit streets, and be sure that they have a phone to give you a call if they run into any problems. Although back to school brings unique challenges, a quick conversation and a careful plan can make the transition smooth for both parents and kids.

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