Big Al Offers Safety Tips This New Year From Last Year’s Accidents

Despite the promise of optimism of a new year, 2017 is a good time to reflect on the lessons that 2016 can teach us. Attorney Big Al of the 1-800-HURT-123 firm handles thousands of accident cases each year, and with this expertise and the release of the Association For Safe International Road Travel’s newest annual crash reports, Big Al wants to inform the public of some of the most hazardous situations that commonly occur on the road.

He commented, “We love knowing the crash rate data because it allows us to empower our clients. Knowledge truly is power, and we hope by elaborating on the statistics with our professional expertise we can save some people a lot of time money and heartache. The Association For Safe International Road Travel’s statistics is some of the best, so it’s an exciting time to reflect and learn from the past.”

Around 1.3 million people die in the road crashes each year, which averages to a staggering 3,287 deaths every day. This high number of fatalities is the reason why road crashes are the leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 29. Globally, vehicle crash rates account for 2.2% of all deaths, but the United States has a rate that is much higher than that, coming in at 35,092 people dying every year. That amounts to a cost of an average of $230.6 billion per year!

2016’s low gas prices and good job growth were some of the causes of the rise in the death toll in America. Uncertain political conditions in election years commonly correspond with increased crash rates, although it is difficult to correlate the two facts definitively. Drunk and distracted driving are another common causes of the high fatality rate, and as smartphones reach more and more users this problem is likely to accelerate.

The lesson to be learned, urged Big Al, is to use caution on the road and intervene and potentially dangerous situations. Taking the keys from a friend who’s had too much to drink, calling lawn enforcement if you see a suspicious vehicle on the road, and keeping a careful watch over your own driving behaviors can reduce those statistics. Big Al also recommends practicing defensive driving anytime you use a vehicle on the road. These tips can reduce the crash rate going forward into 2017 and allow us to learn from the mistakes of the past.

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