Big Al Offers Tips To Avoid Drunk Driving

In light of recent DUI convictions, especially that of NFL player Michael Floyd, Attorney Big Al of the 1-800-HURT-123 firm expresses his concern over the scope and prevalence of drunk driving in America. He offers his tips on how to best avoid drunk driving and the best ways to stay safe on the roads.

Michael Floyd, a receiver for the New England Patriots, fell asleep at an intersection, where an officer approached his unmoving Cadillac Escalade and startled Floyd out of his sleep. The officer charged Floyd with obstructing a roadway, a DUI, and failure to obey an officer. His BAC (blood alcohol content) was above the legal limit of .08, but Floyd’s football career has not been impacted by this incident, and no NFL sanctions have been I have arisen as a result.

While no one was hurt in this incident, Big Al, a vehicle litigation expert, expressed his dismay at it. He commented, “In my line of work I see a lot of drunk driving cases, and it’s no wonder with all these high-profile people engaging in such risky behaviors.” He expressed a hope that “Floyd’s lucky escape will encourage others to think twice before getting behind the wheel under the influence.”

According to info from, drunk driving rates are the highest among those ages 26 to 29, and on average 27 people die from drunk driving every day. These alarming statistics come in spite of the fact that drunk driving is 100% preventable. Coffee or cold showers cannot sober up a drunk person, and time is the only cure for drunkenness. On average, this means waiting an hour before driving for each drink consumed during the night.

If you’re driving, especially at night, it’s critical to keep an eye out for potential he drunk drivers. Cars that are swerving, even slowly, may have a drunk driver at the wheel. If you suspect a car is being driven by a drunk driver, note the license plate number, give the vehicle a lot of following room, and call law enforcement immediately. Drunk driving is tragic, but it is preventable, and a little caution and good sense can go a long way towards reducing the hazards of driving.

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