Increased Distracted Driving Deaths; What You Can Do to Help

After a summer of increased crash rates, Florida is one of many states to respond to the increased fatalities by cracking down on mobile phone usage while driving. Attorney Big Al of the 1-800-HURT-123 firm, a personal injury litigator with years of experience dealing with distracted driving cases, weighs in to offer strategies for avoiding accidents.

Every summer, our nation’s highways and roads are home to an increased number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities. More driving to vacation destinations lowered windows, and brighter sun conditions team up to create hazardous driving conditions. The state of Florida observed a marked increase in accidents, and in response to this 9% crash fatality rate this summer and a 43% increase in the past two years, police will be enforcing a no-distracted driving policy more heavily.

In Florida and across the country, the alarming rise of distracted driving due to cell phones has given experts cause for serious concern. Attorney Big Al, a crash litigation expert for more than a decade, weighs in on this issue with some guidelines for avoiding crashes. He commented, “We advocate for defensive driving here, which is great for avoiding dangerous drivers around you, but we all need to look at our habits critically. Some people don’t realize that just because they’re not texting and driving doesn’t mean their phone isn’t a dangerous distraction. Distracted driving is just as dangerous as texting and driving. ”

Distractions, he argues, can creep into our lives with relative ease. He suggests stowing loose possessions in a vehicle so they don’t move around and distract the driver. This includes cell phones; putting these devices in the glove compartment can remove the temptation to reach over and send a text. A no-touch policy, where you can have your phone out as long as you resolve not to touch it, can help drivers who rely on mobile maps to navigate. A driver can set their route up before they turn their car on and use voice navigation tools to get where they need to go.

Taking some quick and easy safety measures when it comes to your driving can prevent accidents on the road. Distracted driving is 100% preventable if drivers maintain their concentration and eliminate the risk of losing their focus. As late summer turns to fall and winter, hopefully, these preventative measures can help reduce the loss of lives on our nation’s roads.

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