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Are Self-Driving Cars Safer Than Cars Operated by People?

Every day, we achieve something new in the realm of robotics. In fact, it won’t be a surprise if one day our roads are filled with self-driving cars. Self-driving cars, also known as autonomous cars, open a lot of doors for all kinds of drivers. Now, even people who have any form of disability can…

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What to Do When You Are Being Hounded By a Dog

Because of popular culture, and of course, the Internet, it’s easy to see dogs as harmless little fur balls. There are dogs that are tiny enough to be carried around like plush toys and big ones who may seem ferocious at first, but turn out to be sweet and affectionate. Big or small, these furry…

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The Long Term Effects of TBI

What is traumatic brain injury? Traumatic brain injury (also known as also known as TBI or intracranial injury) happens when a person has a sudden or violent blow/jolt to the head. From there, the brain collides with the inside of the skull, which may cause brain bruising, nerve fiber tearing, and bleeding. According to TraumaticBrainInjury.com,…

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How Snapchat is Causing Accidents Across America

Distracted driving has had many distinct iterations in recent history. Before phones, people were distracted by anything and everything (and still are, of course – that hasn’t changed). Perhaps you know someone or are the type of person who tries to eat while driving, talk to a passenger, or is messing around with a paper…

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Why You Should Consider Not Settling Out Of Court.

Why You Should Consider Going to Trial It is common for plaintiffs to have the option to settle out of court without having to go to trial. In fact, it is estimated that only 5 to 10 percent of legal cases go trial. This is largely due to the benefits of settling a case out…

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How To Prepare Your Teen For Better Driving.

Congratulations! It’s time for your teenager to learn how to drive. Whether you’re excited for them, a little terrified, or a mixture of both, it’s important to prepare your teen for better driving by being a part of their learning process. Here are some best practices to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as…

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What Injuries Are Common After a Car Accident?

What Injuries Are Common after a Car Accident? If you ask Big Al, or any other personal injury attorney, you will quickly discover that certain injuries have a higher rate of occurrence than others after a car accident. Of course, depending upon the details of your particular crash, including the severity of the collision itself,…

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Know Your Rights For Law Enforcement Traffic Stop

What Are My Rights at Law Enforcement Traffic Stops? Nobody likes to be subjected to a routine traffic stop. Not only is it inconvenient, but in most cases, you have done nothing wrong… but that doesn’t stop law enforcement officials from making you feel like a criminal. There are three different types of traffic stops…

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10 Crazy Accident Statistics

“Don’t be a statistic,” is good advice in almost every situation, but especially when associated with driving. Here are some of the craziest accident statistics that sadly, could’ve been easily avoided. Drunk Driving Statistics Mothers Against Drunk Driving (or MADD as they’re better known) has amassed an impressive but heartbreaking collection of statistics about drunk…

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