The Dangers Of Miami Road Rage (And How To Avoid It)

November 30, 2021

Sadly, road rage is an all too common problem on America’s highways.

Fast speeds, high powered cars, and tight schedules sometimes combine to create a dangerous and aggressive reaction on the roads. Miami’s heat and sunshine are great, but unfortunately we also experience our fair share of aggressive drivers.

A recent case here in Miami even resulted in a driver shooting another driver after a minor traffic infringement.

One driver ran a stop sign, and another driver honked his horn at the first driver. The first driver pulled his vehicle over and discharged his gun through the front passenger window, hitting the passenger. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

Cases like these remind us that it’s all too easy to fall under the influence of road rage, either yours or someone else’s.

Preventative measures are always best for avoiding road rage.

Avoid using your horn more than sparingly. Only honk when someone else’s driving habits are putting you or your vehicle in immediate danger, such as when a car is backing out of a parking spot and may not see you or merging recklessly.

Refrain from using your horn simply to express anger. This method invites aggression and is more likely to put you in a state of road rage yourself. Similarly, avoid tailgating. This kind of behavior can anger the driver in front of you, as well as other actions like cutting someone off or stealing a parking spot.

Sometimes, these things are just accidents, and you may not have even realized you offended anyone, so if you find yourself the victim of a road rage you don’t know the cause of, put some distance between you and the other car.

If someone on the road is being aggressive towards you, react with calm.

Don’t make eye contact, don’t use your horn, or do anything that might escalate the situation. Put distance between your car and theirs. It sometimes helps to give a “sorry” gesture like waving your hand.

If another driver gets out of their car and walks over to your vehicle, drive calmly and slowly away from them. Do not engage with them, speak to them, lower your window, or do anything sudden or sharp. Use caution when driving near pedestrians.

If you find yourself feeling road rage, there are some things you can do to try and calm yourself down.

Focus on your breathing and take deep, measured breaths. This can help to regulate your body’s fight response and keep your temper from getting the best of you.

You can listen to talk radio to help distract your mind from your angry feelings.

But if this isn’t helping, pull your vehicle over and let the offending vehicle get ahead of you so that you won’t have to look at them and be reminded of your frustration.

Road rage is a dangerous phenomenon in Miami and elsewhere, but we can all play a part in reducing aggression on the roads.

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