With Summer Vacation Coming How To Use Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe

This summer vacation, parents can have some peace of mind with the help of these handy, tech-forward apps. Keep track of your kids, keep in contact, and protect internet browsing with these great options that make your children’s safety easy and sometimes even fun!


Want to keep track of your kids’ screen time? Kidslox lets parents set screen time limits that get kids off their devices and into more productive activities. Set time limits, filter web content, and disable disruptive apps on set schedules. You can control an unlimited number of devices with one account!

Offender Locator

Parents can easily check the number of known offenders in a neighborhood and talk to their kids about who to look out for. Up to date and accurate, this app gives parents peace of mind and keeps kids on the alert to prevent the unthinkable.

Monster Messenger

This simple, child-safe family messaging app uses fun stickers and colors with an intuitive chat function to make communication simple and safe. Kids can message family members without the worry of invasive contact between children and strangers, and everyone can keep in touch!

iSharing GPS tracker

Keep a handle on where all your kids are! This device-tracking app gives you the pinpoint location of your child’s exact whereabouts, and you can easily find them on the easy-to-use map application.

Sprint Family Locator

An alternative to the iSharing app is the Sprint tracking app. If you use the Sprint carrier, this app is included with your plan for up to five lines, easily turning mobile phones into a safety device. You can locate family members and set safety checks across mobile phones and tablets.

Belt Up

For reminders to fasten seatbelts, Belt Up can’t be beat! This app sends an automatic reminder every time the car starts to move to buckle seatbelts and drive safe. It’s an easy way to automate remembering to check seatbelts, and the app features a child monitor and a car alarm. The simple interface works with Siri, and it also has voice alerts! Great for parents and teens on their own.


Get instant updates from the FDC and the Consumer Product Commission on food and safety recalls. The simple interface features product images and descriptions so you can easily identify if any of your products need to be returned or thrown away. You can even customize your feed for specific concerns and allergens.

FBI Child ID

This free app created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation lets parents store their kid’s photos and identifying information. You can instantly send this information to authorities if your child ever goes missing. The app also has safety tips and checklists for what to do in case of a missing child, as well as important contact information that you’ll need.

Make this summer your family’s best ever with some simple preventative steps and some smart-tech options by installing these apps today! Your kids will have more fun, and you’ll be more relaxed knowing you’ve taken proactive steps to ensure their safety.

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