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Nursing Home Abuse

Florida has long been the retirement state of choice for senior citizens around the world. Ultimately, many of these individuals enter nursing homes and/or assisted living facilities. We rely on these facilities who are recording record profits to ensure the welfare of our loved ones. However, each year thousands of senior citizens are abused, neglected and exploited in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Common injuries in nursing home and/or assisted living centers often include physical abuse resulting in bruising or broken bones. Often times we learn that our client have been denied some of the basic life necessities causing massive dehydration and malnutrition or infections from untreated bedsores. Injuries resulting from the misuse of restraints or the lack of bedrails are also commonplace in such settings.


Often this abuse goes undetected for many months or even years before family members are alerted, as many of the victims are unable to properly communicate the abuse. Therefore, it is imperative that family members closely monitor the treatment of their love ones and if there is even a hint of abuse to contact us immediately so that all necessary evidence relating to the abuse can be documented accurately.


While we sincerely hope no one you know ever experienced such abuse, rest assured that The Barzakay Law Firm is committed to protecting rights of our senior citizens. Feel free to contact us immediately for a free consultation with one of our Florida nursing home abuse attorney.

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