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Wrongful Deaths

A death resulting from misconduct on the part of another person or company is considered a “wrongful death”. The misconduct need not be, and often is not the result of malice or an intentional act, but rather negligence or carelessness. There are a number of wrongful death situations, including work-related accidents, medical mistakes or malpractice, automobile and plane accidents or deaths related to dangerous pharmaceuticals.


Dealing with such a senseless and preventable death is perhaps one of the most traumatic experiences that any one person will endure. Thankfully there are laws in place to protect those family members left behind. Laws to ensure that surviving husbands, wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters can rely in there time of need. Family members of the deceased may be able to collect money damages; including pain and suffering, lost income, mental anguish, medical bills, burial expenses and other costs.


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